A La Carte (11/14)

I was sitting at church yesterday, enjoying one of the rows that offers a little bit more legroom. I found myself thinking that we could probably charge people a few dollars to sit in those rows. Apparently i’ve spent too much of my life on airplanes lately…

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The Best and Worst of Humanity – Darryl Dash finished reading the new biography of Steve Jobs and has some interesting reflections. “In a strange way, Steve Jobs makes me grateful for the dignity of humanity and the image of God. And he also reminds me of bad we truly are, and how good the gospel sounds to brilliant, broken people like Jobs, and like you and me.”

To Inherit – Here’s a fantastic Veteran’s Day tribute to a father. “The old video tape from the aircraft carrier is formed of various bits of things.  First jet propaganda: Hornets catapulted off the flight deck and Hornets catching the wire.  Thundering engines; uniformed men waving and signalling to one another.  Men in flight suits and flight boots looking important.”

Remembering a Soldier’s Soldier – “Every American should know his name and his story. And, thanks to a great book by Stephen Ambrose — Band of Brothers — and an equally great HBO television series, many do. What millions of Americans don’t know is that Richard ‘Dick’ Winters died on January 2 at the age of 92.” (HT)

Facebook Facts 2011 – Your infographic du jour.

The English Language – Why GHOTI should be pronounced FISH.

Earth – A timelapse video of earth.

How soon marriage counselling sessions would end if husbands and wives were competing in thoughtful self-denial. –Walter Chantry