A La Carte (11/16)

Wednesday November 16, 2005

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RIP: Adrian Rogers, longtime Bellevue pastor and leader in Conservative Resurgence, died yesterday at the age of 74. BPNews reports.

Community: Carla wonders if she should have offered a ride to a rather downtrodden looking hitchhiker. She is looking for input. “I wished last night, that we lived in a world where it was not only okay, but expected of strangers, to stop and help another man or woman, who needed help.”

Humor: Rick over at Cure Hardy’s Two Bells tells a story. “From the publishers of The Purpose Driven Country comes; Likely Story, the real life drama of Amber Smits, a bank teller held at gunpoint by a man with no direction in life. But Amber gives him something to ponder as she talks to him about recent Christian fads.”

New Blog: Discoshaman, he of Le Sabot Post Moderne fame, has created a new blog entitled Religion of Peace?. He is keeping a running tally of the number of people killed by Christian and Muslim terrorists since November 11, 2005. So far the score is 94-0 in favor of the Muslims.