A La Carte (11/5)

A question I receive a lot is this one: do you prefer the Kindle or the iPad for electronic reading. That’s a tough question because I flip back and forth. In general, though, I find that I prefer the Kindle. I think it’s because the Kindle’s e-ink technology represents a kind of halfway point between electronic and paper, between new and old. Having said all of that, nine times out of ten, I still prefer to read old-fashioned ink-on-paper books. I guess I’m old school that way.

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MacArthur – Yesterday I posted the trailer for John MacArthur’s forthcoming book. If you’d like to trade some information for that book, you can do so since it’s the current free offer from Grace to You. While on the subject of MacArthur, you may enjoy this video in which he lays the smack down on Joel Osteen.

Being Robbed at Gunpoint – I enjoyed this little biographical sketch from Randy Alcorn. He describes a little bit about his background.

Why Sex Ruins TV Romances – Gina Dalfonzo gets a lot right here: “Some modern unwritten rule decrees that couples mustn’t marry until the end, or nearly the end, of a TV series, because it would ruin the all-important sexual tension. Yet this doesn’t preclude sex. They are allowed and even expected to have plenty of that, with each other and with others.”

SBL Greek New Testament – I don’t know a lot of Greek, but I understand that this is a good new resource. “Logos Bible Software and the Society of Biblical Literature are pleased to announce the release of a new, critically edited Greek New Testament.” It’s freely downloadable.

Life Meant Nothing to Me – This video introduces you to Stacey Smith, a woman rescued by God while in prison. Her story was featured at the True Woman conference.

There can be no hope without faith in Christ, for hope is rooted in him alone. Faith without hope would, by itself, be empty and futile. –Ernst Hoffman