A La Carte (1/21)

The Online Life of Kids
“The fact that children and teenagers now spend a good deal of their lives connected to electronic devices is hardly news. We are now accustomed to the knowledge that teenagers are seldom seen without wires in their years and a cell phone in the hand as they multitask their way through adolescence. Now, however, there is good reason to believe that these young people are far more connected than we have even imagined.”

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Mark Driscoll on Haiti
Mark Driscoll took a brief trip to Haiti. USA Today talked to him about some of what he saw when he was there.

Talking to Your Kids About Marriage and Sex
Jay Younts, who writes for Shepherd Press, is beginning a series of blog posts dealing with how and when to talk to your children about sex. Topics will include : “when to talk about sex and what specifics should be covered at what age, what sexual attraction is, and abuses of God’s provision for sexual activity.”

Happy Helms
My sister Maryanne’s blog went quiet a year or two ago. Since then quite a few people wrote me to ask what had happened to it. Well, at long last it is back. You can find it (again) at happyhelms.com.

RHB’s Book Sale
RHB still has lots of overstock and other books to sell. They’re offering them for very good prices so get them while the getting’s good!