A La Carte (12/16)

Amazon Free Shipping – You’ve got just 1 day left to order stuff from Amazon, get their free shipping, and still have it show up before Christmas. This is the time of year when Amazon is shipping 10 million items per day. Which is utterly amazing.

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Love Is Here – Another great little article from 6YearMed. Another reason I could never do what she does.

Reflections on Roger Nicole – Mark Dever offers up some great reflections on the life of his friend Roger Nicole. He offers up the kinds of personal reflections that are a true testament to the man’s character. Incidentally, if you want to learn more about Nicole, David Bailey has written quite a good biography of him that’s well worth the read.

Angry Birds – The New York Times has an article about the gaming phenomenon Angry Birds–a $0.99 game that has racked up $8 million in revenue. “People around the world rack up 200 million minutes of game play each day. (Put another way, that is 16 human-years of bird-throwing every hour.)”

TIME’s Person of the Year – You’ve probably heard by now that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is TIME’s person of the year. This article does a good job of explaining just a bit of the impact his creation has had. “All social media involve a mixture of narcissism and voyeurism. Most of us display a combination of the two, which is why social media are flourishing faster and penetrating deeper than any other social development in memory. Social media play into the parts of human character that don’t change, even while changing the nature of what once seemed immutable.

Caring for the Parents of a New Baby – Brian Croft offers another good answer to another good question. I love Brian’s blog.

Digital Nativity – A little bit overdone, but still kind of a fun look at why God made sure Jesus was born before the digital age.

Deep theology is the best fuel of devotion; it readily catches fire, and once kindled it burns long. –Will Metzger