A La Carte (12/19)

Podcast Pastor – “When I am talking to young evangelicals, often who are in ministry, and I say, “Who has been really influential upon you in ministry and on learning to preach and to do the things of ministry?” ten years ago, most people would have given me the name of a local pastor who had mentored them and worked with them. Now they are mentioning a disembodied voice that they have heard on a podcast. That’s a very dangerous thing…”

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Questioning Your Pastor – Mark Altrogge: “Help your pastor. Help him preach more accurately. Help him see how to lead and care for people better. Encourage him.  And if you have questions, feel free to ask.”

Denise Sproul – Pray for the Sproul family today. R.C. Sproul Jr’s wife Denise went to be with the Lord on Sunday. Grieving her death are R.C. Jr and their 8 children (age 2 up to age 18).

Accomplish More by Doing Less – Tony Schwartz offers some good and practical advice on accomplishing more by doing less.

White Christmas – Here is a gallery of some beautiful, snowy scenery.

He’s Here – From The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Knowing God is your single greatest privilege as a Christian. –Sinclair Ferguson