A La Carte (12/22)

I’ve got a slightly abbreviated A La Carte today after having a busy day yesterday–the kind of day that just didn’t allow me a lot of time to do online reading.

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The Virgin Birth – Dr. Mohler takes on the question: “Must one believe in the Virgin Birth to be a Christian? This is not a hard question to answer. It is conceivable that someone might come to Christ and trust Christ as Savior without yet learning that the Bible teaches that Jesus was born of a virgin. A new believer is not yet aware of the full structure of Christian truth. The real question is this: Can a Christian, once aware of the Bible’s teaching, reject the Virgin Birth? The answer must be no.”

Music: Gift or God? – Bob Kaufln offers up some reflections on music as a gift or a god.

Smart People Who Say Stupid Things – Andrew Le Peau: “I’m always amazed when very intelligent people say very stupid things. But it’s happened again. This time it’s in The Grand Design, the latest book by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow.”

Do Whatever You Want – John MacArthur on the will of God.

Preaching is the miracle of God communicating himself to a fallen world through the words of a fallen man. –Brian Edwards