A La Carte (12/7)

Counsel to a Young Church Planter on Marriage
D.A. Carson offers some wise and seasoned counsel on a rather difficult situation. “The following post was first an email to a young church planter seeking counsel. He is planting a church in a rough area. Not a few of those who are getting converted have been living together, sometimes with children, sometimes for years, without getting married. His question, then, is what should be said to these couples where one of the pair gets converted, and the other, so far, does not. Should the advice be to get married? Or is that encouraging people to be unequally yoked?”

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A Colossal Fraud
John MacArthur is beginning a series on fraud carried out under the name of Jesus by health-and-wealth preachers. “In the weeks to come, we’re going to be looking at the preposterous claims and false teachings of some of religious television’s best-known figures. We’ll analyze why a disproportionate number of celebrity faith-healers and prosperity preachers have succumbed to serious immorality. And we’ll see what Scripture says about how Bible-believing Christians ought to respond. I hope this series will challenge you to take a more active stand against the phony miracles and false teachings that are being peddled in the name of Christ.”

How the Internet Changes Our World
Trevin Wax has compiled an interesting list of 9 ways in which the internet is changing our world.

Human Dignity
Dr. Mohler: “The defense of human dignity is the responsibility of all human beings, but certain individuals bear a special responsibility due to position or influence. This is certainly the case with Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health.”

Going Rogue
Bob Kelleman offers a review of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue. He points out how for a biography written by a professed Christian, this one is awfully short on any explicit mentions of critical Christian concepts.