A La Carte (2/4)

Social Networks
The Economist has a special report dealing with social networking sites like Facebook. While generally positive in tone, the article does raise a few concerns.

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It’s Not Just a “Guy Problem”
“My life changed forever when I was 21. I’d been curious for years to see what the big deal was about pornography. One afternoon in my empty apartment, I decided to just look around the Internet. After all, I told myself, this is something guys struggle with, so it’s not like I’ll get hooked or anything. The instant that first image popped up, I knew I was addicted. And I was a Christian.” Stories like this are becoming more and more prevalent today.

Christianity Explored
Kevin DeYoung: “If you are looking for an evangelism program to use in your church, I strongly urge you to consider Christianity Explored. Although there are several good programs out there, we decided to go with CE several years ago. We appreciate that the CE videos go through a book of the Bible (Mark) and does not skip over the doctrine of sin. To give you a feel for CE, I thought I would interview Bruce Jeffries, the elder who has spearheaded the program at our church.”