A La Carte (3/19)

Why Are Bloggers Male? – This article from the Globe and Mail asks why most bloggers are male. And more than one person noted that in the list of the Top 100 Church Blogs, almost all the bloggers were male. Unfortunately her answer is somewhat trite, so I appreciate the question more than the answer. “Guys seek thrills and speed. They go for the adrenalin rush. They get pumped by going higher, faster, farther than anyone else. They want lots of action and instant gratification. That’s also why guys like blogging–instant opinions, and lots of them.”

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What Not To Say to the Suffering – Ed Welch blogging at CCEF: “Don’t say ‘If you need anything, please call me–anytime.’ to anyone. Let’s put it to rest and never let it appear on another ‘Not Helpful’ list.”

The Christianity Map – Here’s a rather interesting map showing what kinds of Christianity dominate in different parts of the US.

How Millennial Are You? – Pew Research has a quiz. Turns out I’m not very millennial at all.

What Publishers Don’t Know – It turns out they don’t know everything. “Many people seem to have a notion that publishers somehow are (or should be) a superior form of human being. It’s nice to be so highly thought of–until you find out what they mean. Like the question many of us have heard. ‘I thought you guys were smart. Why don’t you just publish bestsellers?'”

Paralympics – Boston.com has a round-up of amazing photos from the 2010 Winter Paralympics. “After a separate torch relay and opening ceremony, competitors faced off in five different sports: Sledge hockey, Wheelchair curling, Alpine skiing, Biathlon, and Cross-country skiing – the last three broken into classes of sitting, standing and visually impaired.”