A La Carte (4/16)

Why Christians Should Read Camus – This promises to be an interesting new series from Leland Ryken. “Every week he’ll lend us his decades of learning to help us understand why these works have come to be regarded as timeless treasures. Have you ever thought, I’ve heard that book is great, but I’m intimidated to read it myself without any help? Then we’ve designed this series precisely with you in mind. You get the benefits of a reading community who will help you along and a gifted professor who will answer your questions.”

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Titanic Infographic – Here’s the inevitable Titanic infographic. Even better, here’s a tale from Titanic. “Many movies, documentaries and books have familiarized us with some of the passengers, such as entrepreneur John Jacob Astor IV or the ‘Unsinkable’ Molly Brown. Yet one of the supreme stories of the Titanic involves a heroic pastor and his passion to save lives and souls.”

Trueman the Girlyman – Of all the T4G reflections, I enjoyed Carl Trueman’s the most. “T4G made me look like a girlyman.  More of that later. When invited to do a breakout at T4G, I had initially said no, not being a big conference person.  I was ultimately persuaded by the fact that the preponderance of attendees are officebearers in the church; and by the fact they put the guy who cries on my case (yes, that bit is truly pathetic, I know).”

Stott the Napper – I enjoyed this little glimpse into John Stott’s life.

Doubting Dawkins – This is a cleverly powerful little video.

If the work be done in Christ’s name, the honor is due to his name. –Matthew Henry