A La Carte (4/17)

Over the past few days I’ve logged into Google Reader to find a strangely large number of unread articles. As I’ve flipped through I’ve found that in each case a certain site is at fault and that this site has refreshed their entire RSS feed. First it was the Sovereign Grace Ministries blog, then Desiring God and, most recently, The Resurgence. This must be some kind of a conspiracy by all of these big ministries. But what does it mean?

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New Resurgence – Speaking of The Resurgence, last night they launched a new site design. You may want to head on over and check it out.

The Resurgence

Trellis & Vine Workshops – Matthias Media is holding several Trellis & Vine workshops across the US. Check the site for dates and locations. “Our aim is simple: to equip ministry leaders with the biblical foundations, vision and resources to train co-workers in gospel ministry in a local ministry context. The concrete value of the workshop is that participants will leave with at least the first draft of a plan for their training ministry.”

What Constitutes an Accurate Translation? – Mounce is dealing with this question over at the Koinonia blog. “I had a fascinating experience this summer. I spent my first three weeks on the NIV translation committee, the CBT.  We were locked away in Whistler, Canada, discussing, agreeing, and sometimes disagreeing on the nuances of the meaning of words and the meaning of biblical passages. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

An Epic Beatdown – I enjoyed this clip of Matt Chandler preaching at a recent 9Marks event. He talks about a passage I just happened to read this morning–the sons of Sceva trying to cast out a demon. (HT)

The grief of repentance is never loss in any way; not to experience this grief, that is loss indeed. –R.C.H. Lenski