A La Carte (4/22)

The Apple and the Fall – Carl Trueman writes about the mysterious next-generation iPhone that has generated so much buzz over the past few days. “Above all, the iPhone phenomenon speaks of the need to be continually occupied with texts, tweets and whatever.  The obsession with texting and these other phenomena is indicative of the general noise we need to generate to keep ourselves occupied.”

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How I Pastor My Family – Here’s a fantastic article on leading your family in family devotions (and more).

Embracing the Digital Book – This article has lots of good things to say about digital books–what they do poorly and what they could be with a bit of attention.

Facebook Reduces Control Over Personal Information – It seems like there are articles like this one coming out far too often. But Facebook has once again found new ways of opening up access to your personal information.

Is it Better to Buy or Rent? – The Times has some useful information on this question.