A La Carte (4/26)

The Pill Turns 50 – Dr. Mohler looks at TIME’s article. “Anniversaries and commemorations come and go as history unfolds, but few dates are as significant as May 9, 1960. On that day the Food and Drug Administration approved the sale and use of Enovid — the first mass pharmaceutical form of what is now simply known as ‘The Pill.’ Quite simply, the world has never been the same since.”

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Great Grace in the Small Things – Another touching entry from one of my favorite new blogs.

Conversations That Count – Toronto-area Christians will want to consider going to this event.

Can You Be a Christian and Gay? – Denny Burk provides video from Jennifer Knapp’s recent appearance on Larry King. Meanwhile, Trevin Wax asks “Why is it that whenever a proponent of Christianity’s historical view of sexuality goes head to head with an advocate for gay rights, the traditional Christian almost always loses the argument?”

Did Porn Cause the Financial Crisis? – Perhaps a little tongue in cheek, but the question is still a fair one considering recent discoveries at the SEC.

From the LOL File – Seven thousand copies of a cookbook called the Pasta Bible have had to be destroyed because one of its recipes recommended adding ‘salt and freshly ground black people’.

Mother’s Day at Monergism Books – Here’s a deal from Monergism Books. “Save an additional 5% off retail with the coupon > md2010 < PLUS Free Shipping on orders in U.S. over $25 when you select Economy Mail. Expires Tuesday April 27th.”

Is Facebook the New Internet? – That’s a question worth asking (and Mark Cuban does so). “It wasn’t all that long ago that the concept of Apple excluding Flash from its mobile platform would have been laughable. It’s not any longer. Both Apple and Google have to see Facebook as the greatest threat to their futures. The question is what do they do about it and how does Facebook respond ?”

Gold Box – Amazon’s Gold Box deal today is quite a good one, especially if you (still!) don’t have a GPS (I’m looking at you, Dave from Indiana). It’s a good deal on the TomTom XL 340S 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator Bundle with Case.