A La Carte (4/29)

5 Books to get Mom for Mother’s Day – Here are five books you may like to consider getting mom (or wife) for Mother’s Day: One (if she likes being challenged–see the other titles in this series as well), two (if she’s a note-taker), three (if she likes biographies), four (if she’s into self-examination) and five (if she’s meant to mentor). And here’s a bonus if she really likes longer biographies.

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Healing – Ali has a story to tell from her work and ministry on a hospital ship.

Miss Whitebread Was Wrong – Andy Unedited: “‘Always make an outline before you start writing.’ Isn’t that what your fifth grade teacher told you? Well, I’m sorry to break this to you, but Miss Whitebread was wrong. In my continuing series of Stupid Things You Were Taught in School let me deconstruct this bad boy.”

The Death of a (Former) Atheist – Dr. Mohler looks at the life of Antony Flew. “The death this month of Antony Flew brings an end to one of the most interesting lives in twentieth century philosophy. Throughout the last half of that century, Professor Flew was recognized as one of the most significant philosophical advocates of atheism, eventually writing at least 35 works, many arguing for the non-existence of God. Then, at age 81, Antony Flew changed his mind. God, he explained, probably does exist.”

Liberty U Taps Glenn Beck – Here’s an odd one: “Liberty University has tapped radio host Glenn Beck to address its graduating class next month despite knowing that such a decision will be contested and criticized given the well-known conservative’s Mormon faith.”