A La Carte (4/7)

Price Anchoring – Mint.com looks at the sales tactic of price anchoring through the iPad. “Showmanship? Sure. But this stuff works. It’s called the anchoring effect, and it’s been well understood by psychologists for decades. Marketers use it against you all the time–but sometimes you can turn the tables, and I’ll tell you how.” And speaking of the iPad, here’s Blendtec doing what they do, matching an iPad with their blender. I’ll ruin the ending by saying that the blender wins.

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Seven Basic and Brief Pointers for Writers – From Douglas Wilson. “In no particular order of importance, I would encourage those who want to learn the wordriht life to approximate something like the following…” He goes on to give 7 pretty good tips.

Isaac Newton on the Trinity Hypothesis – An interesting post from Credenda Agenda. “Newton’s study of theology and alchemy comes as a shock to people.  But Newton was a great synthesizer; he didn’t merely want to master a few separate disciplines.  A command of mathematics and natural philosophy was only a part of his goal.  Newton endeavored to a great, comprehensive system of the world–from the solar system to the fundamental nature of matter to God’s work in redemptive history.  Newton’s agenda was far more ambitious than it had a right to be, but inordinate ambition is common among geniuses.”

Why Do Evangelicals Dislike Me So Much? – Brian McLaren exhibits a bit of feigned surprise and ignorance here as he asks why Evangelicals are bothered when he takes a wrecking ball to God and the Bible.

Logos March Madness – Logos has a bunch of great deals for you where you can get up to 75% off 5 dozen titles.

1Password – One final deal. If you’re a Mac user, you pretty much have no excuse not to use 1Password, an amazing password management program. Add it to your cart and you’ll see that they’re selling it at 20% off at the moment.