A La Carte (5/17)

Introducing Hymns – James Grant offers some sound advice on introducing old hymns to a congregation.

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Practical Shepherding – Brian Croft has done a great job of carving himself an important little niche in the blogosphere as he deals with issues related to the practical aspect of pastoring. In his most recent article he writes about doing hospital visits.

What To Do With Internutters – Mark Driscoll has posted a good article on dealing with internutters. I’ve got a feeling he sees some of the worst of the worst of what the Net has to offer in that regard.

Cell Phones and Cancer – A massive study on the link between cell phones and cancer concludes with a rather unsatisfying conclusion. “Experts who studied almost 13,000 cell phone users over 10 years, hoping to find out whether the mobile devices cause brain tumours, said on Sunday their research gave no clear answer.”

Monergism Books is now permanently offering free shipping for all orders in the U.S. for $25 or over that select Economy Mail. They have some good specials this week: Systematic Theology: New Combined Edition – 60% off retail ($19.95) and Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics: Four Volume Set -56% off retail or $89.