A La Carte (5/21)

How Cul-de-Sacs Are Killing Your Community – Here’s an interesting article on how cul-de-sacs have impacted your community. Who’d have thought? (HT:T-Wax)

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Keith Green: The Movie – “Nearly 30 years after Christian-rock pioneer Keith Green died in a plane crash, his widow and a Hollywood producer have teamed up to bring his story to the big screen in the hope of introducing a new generation to his music.”

Self-Realization or Self-Gift?A good article from Boundless. “The prevailing social script provides a straightforward answer to my dilemma: Get education, get established in career, get financially established, and only then get married. (Of course, a hike across the globe is acceptable, even preferred, any time in between.) With relatively prosperous parents to support us, leisure time to spare, and an interconnected globe to explore, young adults today have the luxury of a cornucopia of options that a typical middle class young adult did not have in earlier American periods.”

Randy Alcorn on Kids and Pornography:

The Gospel vs Religion – Justin Buzzard shares a chart from Tim Keller’s Gospel in Life curriculum. It contrasts religion with the gospel.

Google TV – Google continues searching for total media dominance with their newly-announced Google TV: