A La Carte (5/8)

Hand of Hope Boy
“Do you remember the famous photograph of the baby reaching out of the womb and grasping the doctor’s finger? That baby is now 9-year-old Samuel Armas. The photo has been spread around the world and even cited during congressional debates on the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, but for Samuel it has personal significance…”

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Social Media Adoption
“For all the talk about social media use and growth over the last several years, it’s always good to get a look at the numbers to see how far it’s come. A recent report by Harris Interactive has some interesting stats about the adoption of social networking sites Facebook and MySpace as well as the number of Americans who are on Twitter.”

The Alzheimer’s Project
From Carolyn McCulley: “HBO is debuting a four-part documentary series on Alzheimer’s starting Sunday evening, May 10. … I think it’s an appropriate subject for us all to consider as we honor those who have made such an investment in us. Alzheimer’s is said to be the second most-feared disease, after cancer. I don’t doubt that statistic. I know I have prayed about it, asking the Lord to spare me in my future, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that prayer. ”