A La Carte (6/17)

Ref.ly Makes Sharing the Bible Easier
Logos Bible Software just launched a new website called ref.ly (think bit.ly). It allows you to share Bible verses as links via Twitter and other places where you have a limited number of characters and want to keep the URL as short as possible.

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Megachurch Survey
“The report – “Not Who You Think They Are: The Real Story of People Who Attend America’s Megachurches” – is based on data from a national survey that drew 24,900 responses from 12 carefully selected megachurches across the country. It is claimed to be the largest national representative study of megachurch attendees conducted by any researchers to date.” There are quite a few interesting facts to glean from this study.

Calvin Birthday Countdown Clock
Just for fun, here is a clock that counts down the minutes until John Calvin’s birthday.

Deal of the Day: CCEF Resources
Because CCEF recently updated their series of biblical counseling books, Peacemaker Ministries is selling off the older versions at a steep discount. These are great little books and great to give away.