A La Carte (6/24)

Tuesday June 24, 2008

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Chapman Family Update
Steven Curtis Chapman’s manager posts an update on the family four weeks after the tragic death of Maria.

Jewellery Sale
My friend Becky, whose ad is on the site this week, is offering free shipping on her handmade jewellery today. Husbands, you know what to do…

Standing Firm
Here is the site for another faith-based movie coming our way later in the year.

The Shack in NY Times
NY Times recently interviewed me and others for an article on The Shack. The article was printed today. “Mr. Jacobsen [the publisher] read the novel and immediately thought it deserved a larger following. ‘It brought God alive in a way that I think few books in literature ever do,’ he said.” Does God need to be brought to life now?

Interview with Westboro Baptist
Josh Buice is posting an interview he conducted with a member of Westboro Baptist Church. A sampling: “Do you consider yourself to be a Christian? RESPONSE: What an impudent question from a clueless source. You brutes have given that concept a bad name.” I never lack for adjectives to describe these people…

How the Brain Works…
…or doesn’t. This short video shows how the brain compensates and interprets.