A La Carte (7/10)

Thursday July 10, 2008

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Back From Mars Nathan Williams, who writes for Pulpit Magazine, recently went to Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids and is writing about his experience.

Intellectuals Lie, the Powerless Die
This article raises a few interesting points. “The greatest lie intellectuals tell us is that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword.’ That’s what cowards claim when they want to preen as heroes. ”

Here is a young man who is in need of prayer. He dove in thigh-high water and dislocated both shoulders, but even worse, gave himself whiplash so severe that it was the equivalent of breaking his neck.

Summer Reading
Over at Reformation21, Derek Thomas asked me about my summer reading.

Honoring God in Gray Areas
Here is some useful guidance from John MacArthur on honoring God in those areas that are somewhat less than black and white.

Overrated Ball Players
Here is one for the baseball fans.