A La Carte (7/13)

America’s Hidden Treasures
Saturday Evening Post has a photo essay of some of America’s lesser-known scenic locations. Some of the photos are stunning.

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The American Patriot’s Bible
A Canadian paper writes about The American Patriot’s Bible. It is “designed for the decent, hardworking core of America, the ordinary man or woman who loves this nation and believes it springs from godly roots. … its commentaries are heavy on conservative icons like Ronald Reagan, Second Amendment rights and manifest destiny.”

Abortion Violence
Political Math does the math on abortion violence and shows how the press portrays the “string of bombings and shootings…”

Does Google Know Too Much?
Here is another in a succession of articles asking whether Google knows too much about us. “Google tracks your online behavior to deliver relevant advertising; the company inadvertently controls a large amount of what you see online through its search results; it’s amassing the greatest library since Alexandria; it has a huge share of the online video market; and offers a wide range of services that bring more and more of your daily online habits into its online sphere. Heck, Google has even flirted with offline advertising.”

Deal of the Day: A Praying Life
Monergism Books is selling Paul Miller’s A Praying Life (and it’s a really good book) and 40% off. Just use the coupon code “prayinglife” to get the discount.