A La Carte (7/22)

Banning Weird Names – “In the past two years, the country [New Zealand] has banned 102 names deemed to be too out there. The list includes Baron, Bishop, Duke, General, Judge, Justice, King, Knight and Mr. Those names were banned because they were deemed to be too similar to titles. The name Messiah has also been turned down, as have requests to name kids 89, C, D, I and T. As well, the agency has refused to give a pass to full stops, asterisks, virgules and other punctuation marks.”

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Revelation App – I’m quite enjoying this graphic novel version of the book of Revelation. You can get it for your iPad or iPhone.

Not for Men Only – Carolyn McCulley talks about lust and women–a topic that few are really willing to grapple with.

Student Study Bible – Westminster Books has a good deal going on now. Any order that contains a copy of the new ESV Student Study Bible will get free shipping within the US. Ligonier also has some good deals in this week’s edition of $5 Friday.

John MacArthur – Reformation21 has an excellent review of the new biography of John MacArthur.

Portable ChurchesUSA Today has a feature on portable churches and those who are trying to get churches to stop using public schools.

Let’s Ban Books – I enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek suggestion that we all stop writing books for a while–or at least that the stuff of the NY Times stop.

The resurrection of Christ is the Amen of all his promises. –John Boys