A La Carte (8/1)

Friday August 1, 2008

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Getting Old, Alone
From Boundless: “The reality of an aging, childless population is undeniable. How we care for them, however, is yet to be decided. Where some see tragedy, I see opportunity. The church is uniquely gifted to step in with compassionate care not only for the body in this life, but also for the spirit with a view toward the next.”

Up is going to be the next film from Pixar. You can see the first images from it here.

Brian Regan Fans, Rejoice!
Brian Regan, my favorite comedian, has a new DVD coming out soon. It’s available now for pre-order.

Oil Addiction
This little presentation brings to light some of the issues surrounding rising gas costs.

Down for Everyone?
Here is a helpful little utility for checking the status of a web site.

“Tactics” from STR
Stand to Reason is offering a weekly “Tactics” newsletter. “Each week you will receive a practical tactic lesson that will equip you and build your confidence to engage non-Christians in conversations about the most important topic possible their relationship to God.”