A La Carte (8/22)

The Rise of Blogs – Trevin makes a good observation about the rise of blogs and the associated demise of traditional media. “Then it dawned on me. The mainstream media needs blogs in order to get traffic to their own websites. The real reason the reporter called on me was not primarily because of my book or my education or my pastoral experience, but because of my blog platform.”

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Biblical Servant Pastor – Bob Kelleman looks at the biblical model for the servant pastor. 

Changing the Way We Learn – The Internet is changing the way we learn, and this infographic displays it.

Barfing Baby Frogs – How weird is this? “Male Darwin’s frogs engage in a behavior called mouth-brooding, where they take their own fertilized eggs into their mouth just before they hatch.  They’re not eating them.  Instead they store them in the vocal sacs that they otherwise use to make mating calls to attract females.”

Sunset – Awesome.

Insensitivity – Not quite so awesome.

The Myth of Mutual Submission – Andy Naselli links to Grudem’s take on the myth of mutual submission.

Hospital Africa – Charles Woodrow is the missionary we support at Grace Fellowship Church. This video shows the work he is doing in Mozambique.

Had I the tongue of angels, I could not sufficiently set forth the excellency of Scripture. –Thomas Watson