A La Carte (8/24)

The Future of CCM – Patheos features an interesting article about the past, present and future of Christian music.

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Evangelicals and Atheists Together – Phil Johnson: “Last month several regular contributors over at the BioLogos blog wrote a series of posts exploring the question How Should BioLogos Respond to Dr. Albert Mohler’s Critique? … Evidently, the gentlemen at BioLogos have finally settled on their best strategy for replying to Dr. Mohler: Publish something at the Huffington Post accusing Dr. Mohler of dishonesty.”

Tell Us Your Stories – Collin Hansen asks older Christians to serve the younger ones by telling their stories. “Your stories give us the perspective we haven’t yet gained with experience. We don’t yet understand how much we don’t know. Our youthful bluster masks insecurity. We stand tall against withering attacks from our peers, but we’ve hardly been tested..”

Connecting Church and Home – Connecting Church and Home is a recent conference held at Southern Seminary. You can now access the video for each of the sessions.

How did EPM Begin? – At the 20th anniversary of Eternal Perspective Ministries, Randy Alcorn remembers how the ministry began. “Some of you who read my blog might not know much about EPM, so thought I’d share in two blog posts about the abortion clinic lawsuits that led to my resignation as a pastor and to the beginning of EPM.”

How Can God Allow Suffering? – D.A. Carson answers.