A La Carte (8/25)

Monday August 25, 2008

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Warren on Politics
WSJ has an article on “What Saddleback’s Pastor Really Thinks About Politics.”

America Refuses to Accept Defeat
This article from the Times says that China was the clear winner of these Olympic games and I’m inclined to agree.

CCW Blog
Christian Communicators Worldwide (think Jim Elliff) now has a blog that may be worthy of a bookmark.

How Fast Can Humans Go?
TIME asks just how fast it is possible for humans to run before they hit the end of their physical limits.

A Brutal Olympics for Christians
This little article points out why the Olympics were particularly brutal for Chinese Christians.

Donald Miller to Give DNC Benediction
Author Donald Miller (of Blue Like Jazz fame) will give a benediction Monday night at the Democratic National Convention. CT conducts a brief interview with him to ask why.