A La Carte (8/26)

Christian Hosoi – Denny Burk shares a video testimony from one of his childhood heroes who later came to know the Lord.

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God’s Technology – My friend (and podcast co-host) David Murray recently created a video presentation called God’s Technology. It has been available for download for a couple of weeks but is now also available on DVD. And whlle I’m talking about David, he’s also got a new book out called Christians Get Depressed Too. I suppose the subject is self-explanatory once you read the title.

Living Without Physical Intimacy – Carolyn McCulley shares an article that’s worth reading. “I believe that one day, I will look at my life and say with confidence that the single greatest blessing I have experienced of singleness has been pain of learning to live without physical intimacy.”

Digital Diversions – Here’s an article about the ways in which gadgets and other new technologies distract teens and give them yet another reason to get way too little sleep. “The abundance of digital diversions has only amped up the usual tug-of-war between generations about when the lights go out, and worried parents can lose sleep just trying to keep up.”

Here Is Your God – “Here Is Your God,” is the latest worship album from Grace Evangelical Free Church in La Mirada. It features songs drawn out of the book of Isaiah.