A La Carte (8/9)

Thursday August 9, 2007

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Dr. Grudem Changes his Mind
The newest edition of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology has an important change. “Grudem previously argued for ‘allowing both views of baptism [i.e., paedobaptism and credobaptism] to be taught and practiced in denominations on both sides of the question.'”

Baptism and Worship
Bob Kauflin has shared a nice post about baptism and worship in the life of their church.

Stop Spam. Read Books
The reCAPTCHA project is an ingenious way of digitizing the text of old books while also preventing spam.

A Threat to the Disabled
Al Mohler shows how assisted suicide is a threat to anyone who is disabled. “Make no mistake. When death is claimed as a right, it will soon become a duty. You don’t have to be in a wheelchair to see where that leads.”