A La Carte (9/14)

Global Warming Takes a Break
I am beginning to see more and more articles claiming things like this: “It is increasingly clear that global warming is on hiatus for the time being. And that is not what the UN, the alarmist scientists or environmentalists predicted. For the past dozen years, since the Kyoto accords were signed in 1997, it has been beaten into our heads with the force and repetition of the rowing drum on a slave galley that the Earth is warming and will continue to warm rapidly through this century until we reach deadly temperatures around 2100.”

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How Jeremiah Burroughs Learned Contentment
Timmy Brister prints a guest column by Phil Simpson who is writing a biography on Burroughs. Simpson demonstrates how it is that Burroughs learned to be content.

High Speed Internet vs. Carrier Pigeon
I love the originality of this experiment. “An IT company, Unlimited IT, set up the race between an 11-month-old bird named Winston and the ADSL service of the country’s biggest Web firm, Telekom. Winston took two hours to carry a 4GB data stick 60 miles; in the same time, 4 percent of the data had been transferred via ADSL.”

Pulpit Magazine Returns
I think this may mark the second time Pulpit Magazine has made a comeback (Pulpit is a ministry of The Shepherds’ Fellowship). Anyway, it’s back (again). This week they are focusing on the difference between a Catholic and Protestant understanding of justification.

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