A La Carte (9/16)

Dying in America
An article like this one raises some very good questions about end-of-life care in our society. “When you’ve lived to be 91, death is not untimely. It is not a tragedy. And my grandmother’s death, in particular, should not have been so cruel. Money was not an issue. She had great insurance, and enough savings to pay for anything that Medicare and her insurance company would not. She had signed all the right forms. And she had the support of her family to die on her terms, as peacefully as possible.”

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Michael Yon offers up another excellent photo essay, this one showing the work of the Air Force Pararescue in Afghanistan.

Christ Formed in You
Christ Formed in You is a forthcoming book authored by Brian Hedges. He and his editor, Kevin Meath, are blogging together to show how a book gets through the writing and the editing stages.

The Official Chuck Norris Factbook
Christian publisher Tyndale House will soon release The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book: 101 of Chuck’s Favorite Facts and Stories. I’m (mostly) speechless.