A La Carte (9/19)

Saved Sex – “Make each other wait. That phrase, which concedes that discipline will be required, brings me back to Jeannie’s question, Do you really think teens will practice abstinence? This question implies that young people are incapable of self-control, and I disagree with that premise. Making each other wait may mean going against the post-sexual-revolution norm, but people, unlike animals, have the capacity to rise above herd ­mentality.” (HT)

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Preaching from an iPad – I don’t know that I’m ready to do this yet, but I know plenty of people who are giving it a shot. Here’s some advice for those who want to try preaching from an iPad.

A Glimpse of North Korea – I find this photo collection so sad and so tragic.

A Historic Moment – GTY has just posted the video of John MacArthur finishing up his final sermon in his final book in the New Testament. What a cool moment.

Just Promise – Just promise not to tell anyone, okay? A lesson about gossip.

Famous Quotes That Were Never Said – Here are a few famous quotes that were never actually said.

The Evolution of Music – It’s interesting to see how music has evolved since the digital explosion. (HT)

The most significant gifts in the church’s life in every era are ordinary natural abilities sanctified. –J.I. Packer