A La Carte (April 10)

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Vain Generosity

Dave Hare reflects on a tragic situation. “The truth is, giving to the poor is nearly always impractical. Try as you might, you cannot control others, you can’t make them use the money the way that you want them to. You can’t make the medicine work, or the surgery to take, and even when it does, you can’t make people stay alive. But Proverbs 19:17 reminds us, ‘Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.’

3 Reasons Christians Cannot Commit the Unforgivable Sin

“Some people are very much concerned about this unforgivable sin. But I don’t think Christians can commit this horrible sin for a number of reasons.” I, too, have come across people who are concerned about this and have tried to comfort them in much the same way.

Shallow Calls to Shallow

I’ve seen many authors—even Evangelical ones—praise Thomas Merton. This article reveals some important facts about the man and the “pattern built into his ‘apostolate’ as the with-it monk. He pretended to love the monastic community he thought full of ‘half-wits,’ whom he wanted nothing more to do with, as part of the quest for a ‘greater solitude’ he used to increase his audience of fans and the famous. He wanted the best of both worlds, as a holy preacher and a covert sinner.”

7 Threats From a False Teacher

Costi Hinn: “False teachers and abusive leaders need to maintain their power. Therefore, they use a series of threats to keep people quiet and in line. Get out of line? You might hear one of the seven statements I’ve listed below.”

When Our Voices Fail

“I sat on a plane contemplating the sudden turn of events, determined to get as many texts out as possible before having to put my phone on airplane mode. My heart and mind were a jumble of worry, fear, and potential anticipated tasks. One minute all things had been carrying on as always–and the next minute I faced the real possibility that both of my parents might be gone, just like that. I was struck at how hard it was for me to think, much less write, anything that seemed like a sensible sentence.”

Transgender Activism’s Spotlight Moment

I sure hope transgenderism is about to have its Spotlight moment! “Through methodical research, the Spotlight team at the Globe uncovered the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in the United States in the early 2000s, pushing their way fearlessly through secrecy, power and collusion to put the figurative spotlight on the evil going on. Well here’s hoping the investigation by The Times of London into the abuse of young people for the sake of this Sexular Age, focuses an equally powerful beam of light on the increasingly dangerous and desperate world of transgender activism in the UK.” (Here’s a link to the news article. Also consider Transgender Tide in WORLD.)

Communion, Membership and the Reality of Fellowship

This is a solid defense of close (not open and not closed) communion. “If we understand communion rightly, it is a communal meal. It is not something we do on our own but corporately as a body. It means that I am not merely there to examine myself alone but am to examine myself in relation to the wider body. Likewise, the body is affirming together that those who eat the supper are in right standing with one another.”

Flashback: What Made Paul Washer’s “Shocking Message” So Very Shocking?

Washer’s passion didn’t come from anger or vengeance, but from love. He wanted to challenge them, he wanted to challenge their worldliness, he wanted to challenge their dead faith. He wanted to bring them face to face with the holiness of God and the reality of sin.

Prayer is the spiritual leech which sucks the poison of sin out of the soul. —Thomas Watson