A La Carte (April 12)

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.

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Of Pharaohs and Easter

“Last Saturday night, with great fanfare and razzamatazz, under tight security and the gaze of a television audience, twenty-two of Egypt’s Pharaohs were moved to their new home in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation.” Mark Loughridge reflects on the timing of this event—the very same weekend as Easter.

Your Eschatology Has Consequences

“Ideas have consequences. Theology matters. These are common phrases because theology has consequences. We can’t escape the system in systematic theology. Every belief exists within a web of beliefs. And shifting a piece should shift the web.” Even your beliefs about eschatology.

My Darkest Night; Hopefully Not Yours

“What if the worst we can think about hell would one day seem pleasant by comparison to the one experiencing it? What if the true hell can only be experienced, and not described?”

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Feminine Beauty and Masculine Strength

In this article (which is drawn from his recent book), Kevin DeYoung looks at two categories—feminine beauty and manly strength—that recur throughout the Bible.

Does Fasting Seem Strange To You?

At TGC Africa, Oyewole Akande has written a simple guide to the why of Christian fasting. “In my experience, contemporary Christian thought on fasting could be summarised by this comment made by a friend of mine not so long ago. In response to a question on fasting, he said dismissively: “I can’t believe God would have answered my prayer but decided not to because I ate a piece of chicken.” An open shut case it seems. I realised then that it was high time we took a proper look at fasting and why it’s such an important practice.”

5 Pointers for the Discouraged Preacher

Peter Mead: “Preaching is a ministry that comes with plenty of scope for discouragement. Preaching involves being buffeted spiritually, giving out, receiving criticism, seeing disappointing results, and then having to go again, sometimes all too soon! The weekly emotional roller-coaster often has more low points than adrenaline highs.”

Flashback: How to Encourage that Preacher

Having spoken to many preachers and having preached a fair bit myself, I began considering the kind of encouragement that preachers most love to hear.

The trials of our life that make us crave the life-giving sustenance of the daily nourishment of Scripture are like the hunger pains that drive us to the daily food our bodies need to survive. —Betsy Childs Howard