A La Carte (April 14)

There is a nice variety of Kindle deals today, with many of them related to Easter or Reformation.

Become a Patron

John Piper has a new book out and Westminster Books has discounted it.

I was a guest on The Ordinary Preacher podcast where we discussed speaking the truth with love and various other topics.

Pastor, Defend Christian Liberty

This is crucial. “Pastor, do you require any particular behavior or lifestyle of your church members that Jesus does not? Are there things that someone must do in order to be a member in good standing of your church that they do not have to do in order to be a Christian in good standing?”

Why I Believe the Bible

Erik Raymond explains why he believes the Bible. “I’ve put these five together as something of a quick reference notecard for why I believe the Bible. They can serve as a quick reference for personal evangelism or devotion. That is, they can help you to tell others why you believe the Bible while also reminding you (amid seasons of doubt) why you believe it.”

How to Preach and Help Nobody

Boy, did I ever enjoy this sermon excerpt about preaching the Word. It’s delightful!

An Easter Quiz

Just for fun, here’s a brief quiz on the Easter story.

Proofs for the Resurrection (Video)

Dr. Theodore Cabal answers in Honest Answers from Southern Seminary.

9 Things You Need to Know about the Resurrection

And, sticking with the Easter theme, here are 9 things to know about the resurrection. (Also, has Joe Carter trademarked “9 Things,” or are the rest of us free to use it?)

A Zygote Growing Into A Tadpole (Video)

This is a neat time-lapse of a tadpole forming.

Pioneer Camp

Pioneer Camp is a Christian camp near Toronto. You probably won’t be surprised it’s under attack for its “anti-gay” policies.

Flashback: Print, eBook, or Audio? Tips for Finishing More Books

Finishing 100 books in a year is not as hard as it might sound—if you put a little variety in your technique.

Better to be taught by suffering than to be taught by sin! —C.H. Spurgeon