A La Carte (April 23)

The Lord be with you and the Lord bless you today.

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There is, once again, a nice list of Kindle deals for anyone who is looking for something good to read.

Choosing the Public Scripture Readings : Three Approaches

Gradon Schaub offers three different approaches to one of those elements of worship that, in so many contexts, has gone sadly missing. “A few years ago, I visited a local Anglican church. As a Baptist, we tout ourselves as people of the Book; we are fiercely committed to Scripture. But as I observed this Anglican worship service, I realized that in one service, more Scripture was read aloud than I had heard in a year during my childhood in the Baptist church.”

Reparations: A Critical Theological Review

The best critical book reviews teach the reader not just about the book but about the topic. That’s exactly the case with Kevin DeYoung’s thorough review of a new book about reparations. It’s worth taking the time to read the whole thing.

17 Things to Pray for Church Children

It’ll be 17 for Presbyterians and 16 for Baptists unless they substitute number 5 with “that they will profess faith be baptized.”

Richard Dawkins Blindsided by The Sexual Spaghetti Monster

“How intriguing. Richard Dawkins has just had his Humanist of the Year title withdrawn by the American Humanist Society, because of, well, because of his humanist zeal.”

Why the Puddle Analogy Fails against Fine-Tuning

Tim Barnett examines the popular puddle analogy to show why it is not slam dunk against Christianity (as some seem to think).

A Pastor’s Antidote for Comparison

“Your ministry setting, the people you shepherd, and the circumstances in each season of your ministry are all part of the Chief Shepherd’s assignment for you. Stop comparing yourself with others. You, pastor friend, keep your eyes on Jesus. You follow Christ.”

Flashback: Don’t Tweet that Sermon!

It is one thing to glance over and see that the person beside you has his phone in his hand and is using the ESV app. It’s another thing entirely to glance over and see that he is accessing Twitter or Facebook.

The gracious God is pleased to esteem it his glory to have many beggars thronging at the beautiful gate of his temple, for spiritual and corporal alms. —George Swinnock