A La Carte (April 24)


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Sinner, Come Home – Al Mohler was one of many who was deeply affected by John Piper’s sermon at Together for the Gospel. He writes about it here. “Softly and tenderly still rings in my ears, and John Piper’s anointed exposition still rings in my heart. I am thankful beyond words to know that others will hear this message. Don’t dare miss it.” (Watch the video here)

Youth-Driven Culture – Stephen Nichols writes about the elevation of youth over the elderly in the church.

Tribes and the Lost Art of Discernment – There is food for thought in this post on theological tribes and discernment.

The “Me Time” Myth – Melissa corrects the “me time” myth.

Is It Bullying? – Is expressing the view that homosexuality a sin a form of bullying? 

A Way to Love Your Spouse – Here’s a subtle but powerful way to love your spouse.

Don’t seek a platform for the sake of the gospel if you’re not prepared to lose that platform for the sake of the gospel. —Sam Allberry