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A La Carte (April 25)


Today’s Kindle deals include six titles that may be worth a quick click-through.

Westminster Books has the new ESV Archaeology Study Bible at a great discount.

(Yesterday on the blog: Why John Piper’s “Shells” Illustration Transformed a Generation)

Conference Callings

Jamie Dean writes, “Beyond the conference halls, I’d submit the most important gathering for Christians is far more modest and far more meaningful over a longer period of time. It’s your Sunday worship gatherings.” Yes! Conferences are wonderful, but they are not the main thing…

Why Jake Locker Walked Away From Football—and Why He Doesn’t Miss It

It is rare to find a professional athlete who decides to put faith and family before his sport. This is a great profile of one who did: Jake Locker.

Heaven Would Be Hell Without God

“Numerous people claim to have gone to heaven and seen loved ones and even Jesus, yet almost never do they react as the beloved disciple, the apostle John, did: ‘When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead’ (Revelation 1:17). Surely no one who had actually been in heaven would neglect to mention what Scripture shows is its main focus. If you had spent an evening dining with a king, you wouldn’t just talk about the place settings.”

Why Deprived Communities Need More Than a Social Gospel

“The main issue with the social gospel is that it doesn’t save anybody. Nobody is ushered into the kingdom because we put on some nice social services for them. Nobody came to Christ because we were really nice to them without bothering to share the gospel with them. Any social work we might do is only of any value if we actually use it as a vehicle for sharing the gospel.”

Five Reasons Why Pope Francis’ Answer Was Demonic

Jordan Standridge walks us through Pope Francis’s abhorrent statement to a young boy.

The United Church of Canada: What You Need to Know

I really enjoyed this profile of the United Church of Canada, a denomination that has been one of Canada’s most influential and, sadly, most liberal.

False Teaching Out There and In Here

“We need to take heed to ourselves and our teaching even as we seek to protect God’s people from errors.”

Flashback: 8 Sins You Commit Whenever You Look At Porn

It is sinful to lust after another person and to enable this lust through pornography. Yet the sin bound up in pornography goes far deeper than mere lust. It extends to idolatry, adultery, deceit, theft, greed, sloth, sexual violence, and ignoring the Holy Spirit.

The older you grow, and the more you see, the less reason you find for being proud. Ignorance and inexperience are the pedestal of pride.

—J.C. Ryle

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    A Field Guide on Gender and Sexuality

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    Protecting the Family Name

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