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A La Carte (April 27)


We were treated to a couple of neat music videos this weekend. CityAlight debuted a new song called “Your Will Be Done” while Grace Worship released a fun version of their adaptation of Psalm 73.

There are, as you’d expect, some new Kindle deals for you to take a look at.

The Bigamist’s Daughter

This is a long and sad but interesting autobiographical article that grapples with the consequences of fatherlessness. It begins like this: “In 1964, when my mother was pregnant with my younger brother, she found out that her husband, my father, had married another woman and that woman was pregnant as well. My father’s new wife had left her family and three small children, and then she and my father had created a subset family, making us a complicated algebraic formula, resistant to logic.”

Personality Tests & the Christian

Redeeming Productivity has a three-part series on personality tests. “First, I would like to evaluate the nature of these tests. This includes their history (where did they come from?) and their purpose (why were they created?). Then I would like to assess the application of these tests. I will look at one of our primary goals as believers and how helpful these tools are in accomplishing that goal. Finally, I will attempt to address any other miscellaneous motives we may have for using these assessments in light of our ultimate authority: Scripture.”

On Words, Meaning, Inspiration, and Translation

If you read Dane Ortlund’s lengthy reply to an article by Bill Mounce, it will help you better understand several issues related to translating the Bible.

Learning to Bear Loss

Andrew Bunt looks at some interesting comments from theologian Scott Swain. “Is your heart more like a cup or a set of balance scales? According to this brilliant Twitter thread by Scott Swain, it’s more like the scales, and that fact has some very important implications.”

Why Do So Many News Anchors Sound Alike?

Surely you’ve wondered why all news anchors sound so similar. This article explains. “No matter which channel you tune into or what local broadcast you receive, news anchors share one common trait beyond professional attire and perfect hair. They tend to sound exactly the same, from their cadence to enunciation to a completely curious lack of a regional accent. How does that happen?”

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

Sometimes the most difficult times require the simplest truths.

What an Artificial Intelligence Lyric Generator Teaches Us about Image Bearing

John Dyer created an AI-driven lyric generator for worship songs, then studied what it teaches about bearing God’s image. Also, while the technology is still a long way off, it seems to me we could see a day when AI created a good song and we’d have to decide whether or not to sing it. Would you want to sing a song that had no brain and no heart behind it?

Flashback: The Problem with Falling in Love

The problem with this notion of falling in love is that it permits us to also fall out of love. If love is something that just happens to us it is also something that can just un-happen to us.

If Christ is not ashamed to indwell them I will not be slow to embrace them.

—Sinclair Ferguson

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