A La Carte (April 7)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Has There Ever Been a Better Time To Start a Blog?)

When Can We Lift the Coronavirus Pandemic Restrictions? Not Before Taking These Steps

Now that we’ve all been in lockdown (or something close to it) for a few weeks, we’re starting to wonder: How do we get back out of it? This article explains at least one route. I expect it’s going to be a long time before life returns to any semblance of normal. (See also Google Searches Can Help Us Find Emerging Covid-19 Outbreaks and Strict Lockdowns and Rapid Tests: How Poorer Countries Are Bracing for Coronavirus.)

COVID-19 and the Church’s Religious Liberty

I appreciate this plea from Andrew T. Walker. “Here’s my plea to pastors from someone who has dedicated much of their career to fighting for religious liberty: COVID-19 isn’t the occasion to have a fight over religious liberty. This isn’t a targeted assault on the church. It’s not a conspiracy to jail pastors. If bad laws result, let’s fight them. But if we believe Romans 13 is inspired (and indeed, we ought), now is a time to trust the vividness of its intent for our society. Government is here to serve us by protecting us.”

Gentleness Amid the Germs

“I’m not sure what your home has been looking like these last few weeks, but ours is starting to get a bit restless. Not restless to necessarily ‘do more’ but restless in the sense of being more easily annoyed and more easily frustrated. Buttons are pushed a little bit quicker, comments come out a little bit harsher and irritation seems to creep up a little bit faster than it did a couple of weeks ago. Our ‘flesh’ is hanging out a bit more, so to speak…and the tone is one we are having to fight against. MY tone is one I am having to fight against.”

Does God Do Miracles Today? (Video)

Tom Schreiner answers succinctly.

Something Like…

I found this one interesting. “While much has changed in my particular life due to COVID-19, much has also stayed the same. I’m thankful for both, actually. I feel like I am having a more full human experience by having to accept what I cannot change right now. I’m also finding some enjoyment in trying to find a mental construct in my brain in which to place this experience, ‘a peg to hang it on,’ so to speak…”

I’ll Have Claytons, Thanks

Tony Payne has some good things to say in this article, though I’m not sure I agree with the second half as much as the first. But I really appreciate his point that we need to embrace the reality that what we’re doing online is not church.

The Caprivi Strip

A little while ago I noticed the Caprivi Strip on a map and had to figure it out. This article explains.

Flashback: The Best Tool for the Job

A stingy investment in tools earns a stingy return, and a substantial investment in tools earns a substantial return.

The demands of following Christ will cost you everything. But you gain far more than you give up. You give up dirt for diamonds. —Steve Lawson