A La Carte (April 8)

The God of peace be with you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: An April Family Update)

Why We Should Not Entirely Emulate Our Favorite Preachers

“One downside of the surge in podcast growth over the past few years is the decline in the number of people listening to sermons. Even preachers don’t listen to preaching much anymore. But preachers should listen to other preachers because some things are caught, not taught. Learning how to grow as a preacher by listening to competent preaching is an effective strategy to get better. But whatever you do, don’t become a clone.”

Nearly 70% of Americans Say This Common Budget Buster is a MAJOR Stressor

Medi-Share, the sponsor of the blog this week, is the affordable alternative to health insurance that saves Christians hundreds of dollars every single month. You can learn more at the link. (Sponsored)

The Insane Logistics of Shutting Down the Cruise Industry

This video from Wendover Productions looks at the crazy logistics of shutting down the cruise industry at the beginning of the pandemic (and the future of the industry as the pandemic comes to an end).

What a Recent Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery Means for Septuagint Studies

It’s too early to say definitively, but here’s what a recent Dead Sea Scrolls discovery might mean for Septuagint studies.

Help! Is Paying Black Tax Biblical? (Video)

In a multicultural setting, the subject of a “black tax” comes up quite frequently in pre-marriage counseling and other contexts. For that reason I appreciated Pastor Ndaba Mazabane’s handling of the matter in this video from TGC Africa. (Similarly, I appreciated him discussing Lobola, another common question.)

Are Miracles Still Possible and Probable?

Michael Kruger: “The most fundamental reason that people don’t believe the miracles in the Bible is because they already believe something else, namely, that miracles are impossible. In other words, they have a worldview that rules out the supernatural from the outset. Thus, it doesn’t really matter how good the evidence for a particular miracle might be. It doesn’t really matter how many eyewitnesses there are. Such factors are irrelevant. Any claim to the miraculous must be rejected in principle.”

How Should We Understand the Book of Revelation?

How should we understand the book of Revelation? Dr. Thomas Keene of Reformed Theological Seminary offers a three-part answer.

Flashback: The Unbreakable Bond of Training and Tenderness (Christian Men and Their Godly Moms)

…even if our children struggle with the world and its deceptions, we must choose to love them with steadfastness, to display to them the steadfast love of the Father.

The permanence of God’s character guarantees the fulfillment of his promises. —A.W. Pink