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A La Carte (August 10)


May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

Today’s Kindle deals include the entire Word Biblical Commentary series. Rather than link to individual volumes, I’ll direct you to the series page where you can access them all. Remember that the accompanying Word Biblical Themes series is also on sale.

When You’re Up to Your Neck in Mud — Sing!

This is a fantastic illustration of the crucial role of singing in the Christian life (and the Navy SEALs).

What David McCullough Can Teach Us

I was saddened to hear that David McCullough has passed away. I very much appreciated Samuel’s tribute to him. “One of McCullough’s great gifts was opening up history so that you could see it the way the people who lived it saw it. In this, I imagine McCullough’s style irritated readers and scholars who preferred a more activist, more moralistic storytelling.”

Dishes and Divorce: Why Little Things Can Lead to a Breakup

“An interesting issue keeps coming up in marriage counseling sessions as my pastor husband and I sit across from couples of all ages and stages of their relationship. Each pair comes in with unique sets of issues, but it never fails that every couple seems to suffer from one specific problem: dishes. Yes, you read that right.”

Clark Stanley: The First Snake Oil Salesman

I enjoyed this account of the very first snake oil salesman (and, hence, the origin of the phrase).

Christ’s Crucifixion Isn’t Child Sacrifice

“In an age of political correctness, Christianity is a prime offender. It’s not only Scripture’s sexual ethics that get canceled. Even bedrock creeds like Christ’s crucifixion are on the chopping block.” That includes the idea that Jesus died as the penalty for our sins. This article tells why the atonement is not child sacrifice (as is so often charged).

Themelios 47.2

Those interested in some theological reading and book reviews may want to take a look at the new issue of Themelios. You can read it online or access it in PDF or Logos formats.

Flashback: He (and They) Must Not Be a Novice

Christian history proves repeatedly that giftedness makes a woeful substitute for character.

The Bible is more relevant than tomorrow’s newspaper, more reliable than tomorrow’s sunrise.

—Steven Lawson

  • Lets Hear It For the Second Parents

    Let’s Hear It For the Second Parents

    While today we tend to associate step-parents with divorce, in previous centuries they were almost exclusively associated with death and with either widow- or widowerhood. In an era in which lifespans were shorter and, therefore, a greater number of parents died while their children were still young, there was a distinct and honored role for…

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    A La Carte (June 17)

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  • The Glorious End without the Difficult Means

    The Glorious End without the Difficult Means

    Just as Olympic athletes cannot realistically expect to win a gold medal unless they strictly discipline themselves toward victory, Christians cannot hope to prevail in the Christian life unless they take a serious, disciplined approach to it. Yet lurking in the background is always the temptation to hope that we can have the result of…

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    Weekend A La Carte (June 15)

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  • Making Good Return

    Making Good Return

    I don’t think I am overstating the matter when I say that this has the potential to be one of the most important books you will read. It’s a book that may shape years of your life and transform the way you carry out one of the key roles God assigns to you…

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    A La Carte (June 14)

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