A La Carte (August 16)

Today’s Kindle deals include a few deals from a few different authors.

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Westminster Books has a deal on the flagship ESV Bible.

A Relationship, Not a Religion?

Here’s an argument that you ought to stop saying, “It’s a relationship, not a religion.”

In the Steps of Charles Spurgeon

Trevin Wax shares a photo essay of sorts as he follows in Spurgeon’s steps.

Why Do We Sleep Under Blankets?

Why do we, even when it’s hot?

Is this the Humble Way?

If you write a song, is the humble approach to leave your name off of it?

The Next Big Political Issue

Is the legalization of marijuana the next big political issue? Gene Veith thinks so.

Writing Ourselves Off

Samuel James reflects on some of the difficulties of trying to be a writer in the digital age.

Shorter Catechism Boys

Here’s a neat account of how some well-known Christian figures were shaped by the Shorter Catechism.

Flashback: God’s Mercy and God’s Wrath Meet at the Cross

If there is no hell, there is no need for a cross. The cross shows us the depth of our sin and the height of God’s holiness, the purity of God’s wrath and the greatness of God’s mercy.

He who obeys sincerely endeavors to obey thoroughly. —Thomas Brooks