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A La Carte (August 21)

Today’s Kindle deals include some deals from Crossway (just like every other Monday) plus a biography of C.S. Lewis.

Solar Eclipse

Vox has an interactive graphic to show you what you might see of the eclipse from various zip codes across America.

Excess, Minimalism, & Idolatry All the Same

“I love the Pixar movie Up! I think the sentiment, “Adventure is out there!” from the film is probably innocent and mostly true. Adventure is out there. But as a parent, as a homemaker, I want to remind you that adventure is in here, too. And I daresay at the end of my life I will look back and know that loving and building my family—regardless of the size of my home or the amount of my belongings—was the greatest adventure of all.”

U.S.S. Indianapolis

Amazing: “Parts of the US Navy Cruiser were located in the Philippine Sea on Friday (Aug. 18) by an expedition led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The expedition has decided to keep the exact location of the wreckage a secret out of respect.”

Ask Him for Joy

“The fact of the matter is that Christ is such a perfect mediator between us and God that he has provided a way for us to come to the Father directly. His righteousness is now our own (2 Cor. 5:21), and we are counted as fully-vested, adopted children. It is utterly profound, and often rather difficult, for us to believe what Jesus says…”

Journey Home—Astonishing Animal Migrations

AiG celebrates and explains animal migrations. “Every year, millions of creatures—such as the globe skimmer—fly, hop, trot, and swim great distances as the seasons change. It’s a beautiful dance. Giant whooping cranes ride the winds south, wildebeests trample across Africa’s Serengeti, Christmas Island red crabs scuttle along beaches and streets, humpback whales sing on a loop around the Pacific Ocean, caribou herds race across Alaska, Adélie penguins march over the snow in Antarctica, and monarch butterflies swarm from Canada to remote trees in central Mexico.”

Is the Catholic Church a Christian Church?

Here’s a good word about better understanding Catholicism: “By understanding Roman Catholicism better as a system, we can avoid the pitfalls that can occur when we look at the parts in isolation. We become convinced that we need to be intentional and persistent in our evangelism to Catholics to present them with the biblical gospel. Finally, by understanding how Catholics think about God we can present that gospel in a way that makes sense to them.”

30 Weirdly Fascinating Health and Body Facts

The human body is a remarkable thing.

Flashback: Ashley Madison and Who You Are Online

Who you are when you are alone and online, that is who you really are—no more, and no less.

In 2006, America Online made an epic misjudgment which taught us a valuable lesson: Who you are when you are alone and online, that is who you really are—no more, and no less.

It is not possible to say too much about Christ. But it is quite possible to say too little about hell.

—J.C. Ryle

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