A La Carte (August 23)

The Lord be with you and bless you today.

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Over at Westminster Books you’ll find a deal on one of those Christian classics that has stood the test of time and deserves to be read today.

How the Bible Talks about Corporate Responsibility and Repentance

Kevin DeYoung carefully considers how the Bible talks about corporate responsibility and repentance—a pressing issue these days.

A hand on my shoulder: meeting the man who led my Dad to Jesus

This is such a sweet and moving one from Andrew. Be sure to read it right to the end.

Sweetness of Speech

“Winsomeness gets a bad rap these days, and I understand why. Sometimes in the name of being ‘winsome,’ believers have downplayed or ignored hard truths that the culture finds distasteful. But a humble posture toward others isn’t the same as silence. In fact, sometimes cowardice looks like silence masquerading as winsomeness.”

Why Isn’t the Church Speaking Out About Abortion?

“‘Why isn’t the Church doing more to speak out against abortion and help women who have been hurt by abortion?’ This was a question posed to me and others on a hot topics panel at a Gen Z (under-25s) event earlier this year. I was hugely encouraged by the question.”

Pro-Life:Womb to Tomb

And in a somewhat similar vein, here’s Donna writing about being pro-life from the womb to the tomb. “James Bruce was 5 years old when his Dad challenged me to quit praying that God would make him normal and start praying, ‘God, use him for Your glory.’ At the time, I couldn’t possibly imagine how God could ever use him.”

Threefold Redemption

“Good teachers teach in three parts: they tell you what they’re going to teach you, teach it to you, and then remind you what they just taught you (and why it’s important). These three views of a topic—forward looking, in the present, and backward—are critical for mastering any subject. The Bible, with God as master-teacher, does the same thing.”

Flashback: No Unfinished Sculptures

God sees the beautiful person within the ones he calls to himself. He knows that the world has begun to shape that person in its image, but he is certain he can instil within him the values of the kingdom of God.

There’s no greater gift for the anxious than God’s peace. It is not subject to circumstances. —John MacArthur