A La Carte (August 3)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Why Should I Bother With Church History?)

Rome Under Grace (Video)

I had the tremendous joy of meeting these folk last year and preaching at their church. Take 12 minutes out of your day to enjoy a beautiful video.

Fake Views: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Soviet Photoshopping

“Photoshop 1.0 was first released as the Soviet Union was collapsing, but long before the software made photo manipulation easy, Kremlin censors went to extraordinary lengths to touch up history.” It’s the power of the photograph.

The Strongest Christians are the Ones Most Willing to Repent

Regardless of the motive and even the manner in which it is conveyed one of the disciplines a leader needs to be accustomed to living out is asking God to incline their heart to do thorough self-examination regarding the criticism that is given.”

Why Does Your Voice Change as You Get Older? (Video)

This video explains how and why the human voice changes as we age. It reminds me of Ecclesiastes 12!

How to Improve Your Biblical Literacy

I recently heard Jen Wilkin argue that the American church faces a biblical literacy crisis. From the discussions that I have and the comments that I read, I could not agree more. Most Christians do not know the basics of the biblical storyline, basic facts about the Bible’s major characters, or the texts on which our most foundational doctrines are built.” Here are some tips on improving your biblical literacy.

4 Big Challenges Facing the Church in the West Today

Trevin Wax: “Any attempt to address our current cultural context must keep in mind both of these truths—the church is in crisis and stable. If we do not consider the seriousness of the crises we face, we will succumb to complacency and lose the edge of our witness. If we do not consider the stability of Jesus’s promise, we will succumb to fruitless fear and anxiety. Our task is to see the opportunity that accompanies every challenge and to see the challenges that accompany every opportunity.”

Being a Father Isn’t Easy, But it is Simple

“As I’ve reflected lately on being a father, it strikes me that I’ve never seen anyone who did the things on this list fail as a father. Certainly there’s more that could be written–and I know full well that making it simple doesn’t make it easy–but here is what I believe to be the essence of the call of Christian dads.” He insists being a father is not easy, but it is, at heart, rather simple.

Flashback: The Utter Devastation of Sin

Sin isn’t here for a moment and then gone. No, sin is so evil that it leaves its lingering scent behind.

When we are denied the very things our hearts long for, we learn to long for the one thing that will never be denied us, God Himself. —Hannah Anderson