A La Carte (August 3)

May the God of love and peace be with you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: A Picture of Perfect Rest)

In the Pursuit of Reach

This is a good meditation on the pursuit of “reach.” Give it a read and you’ll see what that means.

The Purpose of Sunday is the Re-evangelization of the People of God

Jared Wilson shows how Sunday is all about evangelism, or is it re-evangelism?

Power + Compassion = Comfort

Erik Raymond asks you to “imagine if God were loving but not all-powerful. While his heart would be bent towards us, his help wouldn’t be sure. There’s no real comfort in this. On the other hand, imagine a God who is sovereign but not loving? This isn’t much better. Power without the attending love to direct it provides little consolation.”

Psalm 103: Everlasting, Steadfast Love Toward Those Who Fear the Lord

Ryan Higginbottom takes a helpful little look at Psalm 103 and offers some application.

How to Embrace a Life of Plain Things

Kendra Dahl: “Most days, I resent the plain things. I long for adventure and meaning, and I’m certain those things aren’t found here, in my ordinary workweek. I start to feel a little frantic, wondering what I’m doing with this life God has entrusted to me. I wonder how I ended up here, and is this really where I’m meant to be? I grasp for opportunities while restlessness lingers beneath the surface. I’m certain I’m in between, always ready for the next thing.”

Shepherding is a “Two Way” Street

It is important to acknowledge that within the local church shepherding is a kind of two-way street.

When You are Falsely Accused

Blake Long: “What is your gut reaction when you are falsely accused of something? Do you remain silent or do you attempt to defend yourself? Do you keep quiet or lash out in anger because your name is being tossed through the mud?”

Conservatives Are Letting Big Tech Win

Samuel James has some good thoughts about technology. “The internet’s omnipresence in modern life is not politically or morally neutral. As we spend more and more time entranced by infinite scroll and chasing hyperlinks, we become conditioned toward instant gratification, simplistic and Tweetable interpretations of reality, and obliviousness regarding anything outside the present.”

Flashback: The Utter Devastation of Sin

Sin isn’t here for a moment and then gone. No, sin is so evil that it leaves its lingering scent behind.

Our limits teach us the fear of the Lord. They are reminders that keep us from falsely believing that we can be like God. —Jen Wilkin