A La Carte (August 8)

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Beauty (and History) of Scotland)

Hybels Heir Quits Willow as New Accusations Arise

There continues to be disturbing news coming from Willow Creek Church (founded by Bill Hybels). And this time it comes from the mainstream media. (In this article Stephen McAlpine makes a few comments.)

A Guide to the Evangelical Celebrities and Pastors Dominating Hollywood

This is probably going to evoke a deep sigh. “Despite these equivocations, thousands upon thousands of stylish young people have chosen to follow the pastors and donate their earnings to build their churches. Lentz and his peers can thank Bieber: In the past four years, he’s done for Pentecostal megachurches what Tom Cruise did for Scientology and Madonna did for Kabbalah.”

Apple’s Value Hit $1 Trillion

This gives an idea of just how massive Apple has become.

Jordan Peterson’s Spiritual Appeal

“Here’s the most fascinating thing about Peterson’s appeal, at least from my perspective as a Christian: For some crazy reason, people are getting curious about Christianity because of him.” The Lord works in mysterious ways.

The Cymbal Master Crafting the Perfect Sound

“For the past 30 years, Paul Francis has been crafting the perfect sound, honing his skills at a company that has been in the business of making cymbals for 400 years. Making cymbals requires a unique process that only a select few in the world still know, involving shaping, hammering, burning, and, of course, a good ear. It takes years of practice and apprenticeship to truly nail down the art; now, Paul is passing down his expertise for generations to come.”

Themelios 43.2

The new August 2018 issue of Themelios is available and has 170 pages of editorials, articles, and book reviews. It’s free for the taking!

Life in the Hands – Looking to the Harvest

I really enjoyed this one. “Slowly but surely, our hands reveal the curse that seeps through our world. They speak of a world marked by difficulty, pain, and by scars that won’t fade away. They whisper of nights clenched in prayer, of slammed doors, and final goodbyes. Hands that reach for the pill bottle each morning remind ourselves this is not as it should be. I am not as I should be.”

Church Members Must Watch Their Elders’ Life & Doctrine

Having properly-qualified elders is of such key importance to the life and health of the local church. “What do we mean by ‘watch’? It would be unhealthy if church members functioned as investigators, deputized to walk behind their elders and look for potential reasons to remove them. This is not the type of watching the Bible commands. Instead, the context for watching is built into the church so that members learn and are instructed by their elders’ manner of life.”

Flashback: Beware (and Embrace) the Power of Story

If we are going to respond well to the new cultural ethos, we need to know God’s Story—his plan for humanity, sexuality, and marriage. We need to be fully convinced about why it matters so much. We need to be willing to suffer loss to uphold it.

That’s the sum total of ministry. Guard how you live, guard what you teach. —H.B. Charles Jr