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A La Carte (December 10)


The Lord be with you and bless you today.

The past few days haven’t been in the best in history when it comes to Kindle deals, but there are at least a few to look at.

Eyes to the sky

Janie B. Cheaney: “I’m ashamed to admit it. I know the Bible is true, that all came to pass as it’s recorded, that Jesus Christ walked this earth and changed history forever, and that the Holy Spirit continues to act in my life and others’. Prayers of gratitude come easily when times are good, and prayers of petition when they aren’t. But ‘Come, Lord Jesus’ feels as remote a possibility as mountains melting and stars falling from the sky—because those events are on the schedule too.”

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Reflections on the passage of Bill C-4

Paul Carter covers a recently-passed and very concerning bill. “On Tuesday, December 7th the Canadian Senate passed Bill C-4, effectively banning the practice known as conversion therapy. The bill had been introduced to the House of Commons on November 29th and was approved on December 1st without further debate or study. It received Royal Assent today and will become the law of the land in 30 days.”

Does the Holy Spirit speak new words today?

Murray Campbell provides his perspective on a big question. “This view of the Spirit and God’s speech is one that ignores the Spirit’s own testimony through Scripture and it is one that often leads to all manner of pastoral issues. Indeed, when we have a dodgy doctrine of the Bible we shouldn’t be surprised if we take a wrong turn on all kinds of theological and ethical issues.”

The Stories Under the Ground (Part One)

This is a thoroughly enjoyable bit of writing from Central Asia. “The Chuy Valley tells a story of contrasts. On the floor of the valley, the land is flat and cultivated, made up of villages and farmland with occasional pockets of trees the color of gold in mid-October. The surrounding mountains are untamed, protruding whichever way they please. Up high, the paths on the foothills waver and crumble; the farther down you go, the more gridded they become.”

Best Jesus-y, Folky, Singer-songwriter-y, Worship-y, High Quality Music of 2021

This roundup may be of interest to those who are eager to find something new to listen to.

Insecurities, the Fear of People, Regrets, and Failure

Ed Welch: “We all have voices that tell us we are never enough. If we measure up in school, we don’t in sports or attractiveness or anything else. We always have voices, around us and in us, that assure us we are, indeed, substandard—or average, which feels just as bad.”

Flashback: Why God Delays in Answering Prayer

I was blessed to read this short article from Charles Spurgeon. He explains why God sometimes delays in answering prayer.

Satan cannot hold you, sin cannot enchain you, even despair cannot bind you if you will now believe in the Lord Jesus, in the freeness of His grace, and the fullness of His power to save.

—Charles Spurgeon

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